Do Your Giving While You’re Living!!

For years, Morgan James Publishing has been an Entrepreneurial Publisher who understands the concept of giving back.

Their entire model is based on giving the author more control, more money and more options for future growth. What a different concept of publishing. Imagine a publisher who actually believes that the author’s success should be put ahead of their own.

David L. Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, also sees the need to give back to the community. In an unprecedented show of concern for the world around him, he has established a standard by giving a percentage of all book sales to Habitat For Humanity.

Morgan James recently published a book on this very topic, it’s titled Do Your Giving While You’re Living. In this incredible book, authors Edie Fraser and Robyn Freedman Spizman inspire readers to embrace giving and to understand that the highest purpose in life is quite simple: doing for others. Featuring contributions from some of the most influential and philanthropic people and organizations in the world today, this book shows readers how the act of giving can change the world and also change their own lives in ways they never thought possible.


The financial world acknowledged its gratitude for companies like Morgan James this week by spot lighting Do Your Giving While You’re Living.

NASDAQ invited the authors, the publisher and all the contributors to ring the opening bell this past Wednesday, December 17, 2008.