Review or Not To Review, That Is The Question…

The traditional publishing world is taking another blow.

This time it affects the authors ability to get a solid review and have it prominately published where people can actually see it.

It’s been reported that:

“The Washington Post is ending regular publication of its weekly Book World section, eliminating one of the few stand-alone book review sections left among daily newspapers.”

This is just another example of why author’s can no longer afford to rely on the efforts of others to secure their success. It verifies one of the things that I say all the time. That is “Your success is Your responsibility”

It’s time to get creative and find new ways to get the word out about your book. Start looking away from traditional means and start looking towards things like social networking, article marketing, and forums to connect with masses.

The Washington Post says the changes were primarily motivated by a need to cut costs. I say now is not the time for you as authors to cut cost, now is the time to invest in new strategies that will produce new streams of income.